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Jobs jobs

The jobs section shows only when there are running jobs in the background.

Set the threshold after which the job count is shown

The SPACESHIP_JOBS_AMOUNT_THRESHOLD environment variable defines the threshold after which the number of running jobs will be shown.

# The job count will be displayed even there is a single background job


Variable Default Meaning
SPACESHIP_JOBS_SHOW true Show section
SPACESHIP_JOBS_PREFIX - Section's prefix
SPACESHIP_JOBS_SUFFIX · Section's suffix
SPACESHIP_JOBS_SYMBOL Symbol displayed when jobs are hiding
SPACESHIP_JOBS_COLOR blue Section's color
SPACESHIP_JOBS_AMOUNT_PREFIX - Prefix before the number of jobs (between jobs indicator and jobs amount)
SPACESHIP_JOBS_AMOUNT_SUFFIX - Suffix after the number of jobs
SPACESHIP_JOBS_AMOUNT_THRESHOLD 1 Number of jobs after which job count will be shown