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Welcome to Spaceship configuration! Here is a quick guide of how to adjust Spaceship to your personal workflows.

Create a config file

To get started with customization, create a configuration file:

touch ~/.spaceshiprc.zsh

… or, if you prefer to keep your configuration within a ~/.config or ~/.config/spaceship folders, you can do so, as well:

mkdir -p ~/.config
touch ~/.config/spaceship.zsh

This file will be automatically sourced by Spaceship when it starts up.

Configure your prompt

The configuration file is a .zsh file, so you can use zsh syntax to customize Spaceship. You can use loops, conditions, custom functions or even source additional zsh files. It's up to you.

Here's an example of a configuration file:

# Display time

# Display username always

# Do not truncate path in repos

# Add custom Ember section
# See: https://github.com/spaceship-prompt/spaceship-ember
spaceship add ember

# Add a custom vi-mode section to the prompt
# See: https://github.com/spaceship-prompt/spaceship-vi-mode
spaceship add --before char vi_mode

You can learn more about available options by reading further documentation.

See available options

Changing the config location

Optionally, you can change the location of the configuration file by setting the SPACESHIP_CONFIG_FILE environment variable.

export SPACESHIP_CONFIG_FILE="$HOME/.dotfiles/path/to/spaceship.zsh"