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Directory dir

The dir section displays the current working directory.

The directory is always shown and truncated to the value of SPACESHIP_DIR_TRUNC (3 levels by default).

Inside the repositories

While you are in a repository, it shows only the root directory of the repository and folders inside it.

If you don't like this behavior, you can disable it by setting SPACESHIP_DIR_TRUNC_REPO to false:


Inside the write-protected directories

If the current directory is write-protected or if the current user doesn't have write permissions, a padlock (by default) is displayed as a suffix.


Variable Default Meaning
SPACESHIP_DIR_SHOW true Show section
SPACESHIP_DIR_PREFIX in· Section's prefix
SPACESHIP_DIR_TRUNC 3 Number of folders of cwd to show in prompt, 0 to show all
SPACESHIP_DIR_TRUNC_PREFIX - Prefix before cwd when it's truncated. For example …/ or .../, empty to disable
SPACESHIP_DIR_TRUNC_REPO true While in git repo, show only root directory and folders inside it
SPACESHIP_DIR_COLOR cyan Section's color
SPACESHIP_DIR_LOCK_SYMBOL · The symbol displayed if directory is write-protected
SPACESHIP_DIR_LOCK_COLOR red Color for the lock symbol