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Per-directory configuration

Many users asked us how to change Spaceship options only for a specific directory. There are plenty solutions for this. We will show how to do that with a tool called direnv.

direnv is a tool that allows you to manage environment variables for a directory. It is a simple wrapper around .envrc files. It can load and unload variables defined in .envrc based on current directory. It also works not only with Zsh, but with other popular shells.

Installing direnv

Install direnv with the package manager of your choice. Or use a script to install a binary build of direnv.

Installation guide

After successful installation of direnv you need to hook it to your shell.

Hooking direnv into Zsh

Add the following line somewhere at the end of your .zshrc file:

eval "$(direnv hook zsh)"

Setting per-directory environment variables

As soon as you've installed direnv and hooked it to the Zsh, you can set environment variables for any directory in a .envrc file within that directory.

export SPACESHIP_USER_SHOW='always'

After that you need explicitly grant permissions to source .envrc files in the directory.

direnv allow /path/to/directory

Here is a live example of how direnv works:

Alternatives to direnv

Besides direnv there are many other tools that allow you to manage environment variables for a directory. Here's a list of the most popular of them: