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Username user

The user section shows the current user's username. By default, it's displayed only when:

  • the machine is connected via SSH ($SSH_CONNECTION is not empty)
  • username is not the same as $LOGNAME
  • username is a root user

The root user is highlighted in SPACESHIP_USER_COLOR_ROOT color (red as default).

Controlling when to show the user section

SPACESHIP_USER_SHOW defines when to show the user section. Here are possible values:

SPACESHIP_USER_SHOW Show on local Show on remote
false Never Never
always Always Always
true If needed Always
needed If needed If needed

If needed means the default behavior.


Variable Default Meaning
SPACESHIP_USER_SHOW true Show section (true, false, always or needed)
SPACESHIP_USER_PREFIX with· Section's prefix
SPACESHIP_USER_COLOR yellow Section's color
SPACESHIP_USER_COLOR_ROOT red Section's color when user is root