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Hostname host

The host section displays the hostname of the current machine.

By default, it's displayed only when the machine is connected via SSH ($SSH_CONNECTION is not empty).

Always displaying hostname

If you want the hostname to be always displayed, set the SPACESHIP_HOST_SHOW option to always.

# This sets host to be always displayed

Displaying full hostname

By default, the hostname is displayed in a short form (%m). If you want to see the full information (%M), set the SPACESHIP_HOST_SHOW_FULL option to true.

# This displays the full information about the hostname


Variable Default Meaning
SPACESHIP_HOST_SHOW true Show section (true, false or always)
SPACESHIP_HOST_SHOW_FULL false Show full hostname
SPACESHIP_HOST_PREFIX at· Section's prefix
SPACESHIP_HOST_COLOR blue Section's color
SPACESHIP_HOST_COLOR_SSH green Section's color on SSH connection