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Thanks for visiting this page! It truly means a lot to creators of Spaceship. Here's how you can help with improving this project.


We are always glad to see contributors of all skill levels! Any help is respected and appreciated. If you're looking for an easy way into the project, take one of the issues with good first issue label.

Good First Issues Contributing Guide


If you really enjoy this project, you can contribute financially. Any contribution is highly appreciated, even the smallest one. There are several ways to donate:

Recurring donations:

Sponsors Open Collective Patreon

One-time donations:

Sponsors Buy Me a Coffee Monobank Jar

Crypto donations:

  • Ethereum: 0x5C9496De5E51D48daf28354DC04d8f9D33955559
  • Bitcoin: bc1q5ezjvpgftmx42f9qgdf5lscjz43uh4jf02uvje


If you are fluent in any other language besides English, we greatly appreciate any help with translating our documentation in other languages. If you would like to help, join the team of translators on our Crowdin:

Help Translating

Helping the community

If you're interested in helping other people, answer questions asked by other users of Spaceship and help to solve their issues.

Discord Discussions Issues