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Minimalistic, powerful and extremely customizable Zsh prompt

It combines everything you may need for convenient work, without unnecessary complications, like a real spaceship.

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Clean and simple

Clean and simple

The prompt is not overloaded, it shows only what you need at the moment (current directory, git branch, etc).

Clean and simple

Easy to set up

The prompt works right after installation without any additional configuration. install it and use it.

Clean and simple


The prompt is zero-config, but if a customization is needed, it provides an easy-to-use interface for customization.

Welcome aboard, Astronaut!



Spaceship is a superpowered Zsh prompt. Prompt is what you see when you type a command. It can show a lot of useful tips, saving your time and making user experience smooth and pleasant.

Here are some sneak picks of what Spaceship can show:

  • Clever hostname and username displaying
  • Repository statuses (Git and Mercurial are supported)
  • Runtime environments for various languages (Node.js, Rust, Python, Ruby, Swift, Go, PHP and many others)
  • Docker version, Kubernetes context and connected machine
  • Package version (npm, lerna, cargo, composer and others)
  • Battery level and status
  • Indicator for jobs in the background
  • A lot of useful information
  • Custom information of your choice

Want more features? Please, open an issue or send pull request.

Getting Started

Installing Spaceship is simple and quick. It's configurable and easy to use.

Installation Configuration


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MIT © Denys Dovhan

  1. The list of companies and projects whose contributors are using Spaceship is assembled based on people who opened an issue or PR to Spaceship's repo and explicitly specified their position at those companies and projects.