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Minimalistic, powerful and extremely customizable Zsh prompt

It combines everything you may need for convenient work, without unnecessary complications, like a real spaceship.

Getting Started Source Code
Clean and simple

Clean and simple

The prompt is not overloaded, it shows only what you need at the moment (current directory, git branch, etc).

Clean and simple

Easy to set up

The prompt works right after installation without any additional configuration. install it and use it.

Clean and simple


The prompt is zero-config, but if a customization is needed, it provides an easy-to-use interface for customization.

Welcome aboard, Astronaut!

Spaceship with Hyper and One Dark


Spaceship is packed with cool features. Here are some sneak picks:

  • Clever hostname, username and prompt character displaying.
  • Current Git and Mercurial repo statuses.
  • Indicator for jobs in the background .
  • Current version of Node.js , Ruby 💎, Elm 🌳, Elixir 💧, Swift 🐦, Xcode 🛠, Go 🐹, PHP 🐘, Rust 𝗥, Haskell λ, Julia , Python 🐍, Conda 🅒, .NET SDK .NET, Ember.js 🐹.
  • Package version, if there's is a package in current directory 📦.
  • Current Docker version and connected machine 🐳.
  • Current Amazon Web Services (AWS) profile ☁️ (Using named profiles).
  • Current Google Cloud Platform gcloud active configuration ☁️.
  • Current Kubectl context ☸️.
  • Current Terraform workspace 🛠.
  • Current battery level and status.
  • Current Vi-mode mode (with handy aliases for temporarily enabling).
  • Execution time of the last command if it exceeds the set threshold.

Want more features? Please, open an issue or send pull request.


Follow our Twitter to keep yourself updated about new features, improvements, and bugfixes.

Here's a list of related projects that have been inspired by Spaceship ZSH.

  • matchai/spacefish - A port of Spaceship ZSH for fish shell intending to achieve complete feature parity.
  • starship/starship - A blazing-fast, cross-shell prompt written in Rust, heavily inspired by Spaceship ZSH.


Hi! I work on this project in my spare time, in addition to my primary job. I hope you enjoy using Spaceship. If you do, please, become my patron 🤝.

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I would appreciate your support! Thank you!


MIT © Denys Dovhan

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