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Node.js node

This section is rendered asynchronously by default


Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine.

The node section displays the current version of the Node.js binary. This section supports nvm, nodenv, fnm version managers or uses node -v if non of the above is installed.

This section is displayed only when the current directory is within a Node.js project, meaning:

  • Upsearch finds a package.json file
  • Upsearch finds a node_modules folder
  • Upsearch finds a .nvmrc file
  • Upsearch finds a .node-version file
  • Contains any other file with .js, .cjs or .mjs extension

Setting the default Node.js version

If you want to avoid showing the Node.js section for a specific Node.js version (for example system installed version), use the SPACESHIP_NODE_DEFAULT_VERSION environment variable. The section will be hidden if the current version of the Node.js is equal to the one specified in the variable.



Variable Default Meaning
SPACESHIP_NODE_SHOW true Show section
SPACESHIP_NODE_ASYNC true Render section asynchronously
SPACESHIP_NODE_SYMBOL ⬢· Symbol displayed before the section
SPACESHIP_NODE_COLOR green Section's color
SPACESHIP_NODE_DEFAULT_VERSION `` Node.js version to be treated as default